The BEST decision a family can make!

I have seen many families over the years.  Some families had traits I wanted to emulate in my own family.  Others had traits I definitely wanted to avoid.  At times I’ve been able to implement some habits for my family and our children, and at times, I’ve struggled to do so.  In the midst of trying to become the family God wants me to become, and trying to raise children that are great kids and a benefit to our society, I’ve decided there is one trait I simply will never regret.

In our lives there are so many things that come and go.  Hobbies that are fun for a time, then get old.  But there is a trait, a hobby, but so much more than this that I’ve implemented in my family and I have seen it pay off over the course of more than 20 years.  My kids are 16 and 13 now, and this habit has helped my children have fun, it’s helped them make good positive friendships. What is this habit?

It’s making the things of God a priority.  Yes, this does mean regularly attending church, but honestly, it means so much more than that.  It means that when a question is raised, our first response is not what would the world do, but what does God think of that?  Should we attend church or go to the football game, what does God think of that.  Of course, it’s not perfect, and we are like any other family and once in a great while we miss church, we definitely don’t want to be legalistic about it.  But one thing definitely is true.  If anyone asks my children, what is the most important aspect in your family, what is something that is so important you ALWAYS do this?  It would be – making God a real priority.

I encourage you and your family to do the same!

Pastor Chip


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