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Clarity: Truth

What is true? What is false? How do we know? How do we discern truth in this world of relativism? How do we believe in something without being narrow minded? In today’s message we unpack the issue of truth.

#YouMakeMeCrazy; Feeling Angry?

Everyone has issues. And isn’t it sad when others’ issues make us crazy! In this message we’ll discuss anger, causes of, and how we deal with anger in both appropriate and inappropriate ways. Ultimately, there is one sure-fire way to deal with anger in our lives, listen to find out how!

#YouMakeMeCrazy, It’s Me, It’s always Me

We often say, “It’s you, it’s always you” as we point the finger at others. Their issues, their hurts, their words are what is wrong with us. But in reality, we often have issues of our own. In this message we look at ways specifically from James 3 that we can improve our relationships, because…

Crazy Busy: Character

What are the underlying issues that make our lives Crazy Busy? Is it media, technology, character? There are so many beliefs that affect our decisions, as we begin this new series Pastor Chip examines our families, how we build character, and how these four beliefs affect our lives and our children.