No Limits

No Limits is an experience to help young people [6th Grade – 9th Grade / 2018-2019 school year] learn and grow in their faith. Super fun class times, field trips, and even overnights make this so much more than a class, it’s truly an experience.  The focus is on experiential learning, not “book study” or “lecture” but experiencing God and His word in a real and relevant way.  Think Confirmation, without the boring!

Topics include:

  • What does it mean to be a Christian?
  • What do we believe about God?
  • Where does the Bible come from?
  • What is Sin?
  • Why do people get baptized?

No Limits meets every 3-5 weeks from October – April.  Each ‘class’ is 4-8 hours in length depending on the activities.  These activities help youth to really engage with what they are learning in a fun and relevant way.  There is also ‘homework’ that takes about 30 minutes to an hour per month.  Students are also expected to learn some basic truths and the books of the Bible.  We provide many aids and work on them together to make it possible for all kids!

At the conclusion of the class, most youth are prepared and experience believer’s baptism as part of their graduation ceremony.  It’s not required, and not all are ready, but many will be.  The cost which covers all materials, meals, a new bible, and field trips is $125.00.

2018-2019 Schedule

  • October 5th- Overnight – 6pm – 10am
  • October 28th – Noon – 7pm
  • November 17th – 10am – 4pm*
  • December 8th – 10am-4pm*
  • January 5th – 12:30-5pm*
  • January 20th (Sunday night, no school Monday)  – Overnight – 6pm-10am
  • February 9th- 12:30-5pm
  • March 9th – 10am-4pm
  • March 29th – Overnight 6pm-10am
  • April 6th – 1-3pm
  • April 7th – Graduation & Baptisms
  • *These classes are mandatory

More Information

No Limits originated almost 15 years ago when Pastor Chip felt a need for our young people to learn the foundational principles of our faith.  This experiential class was developed to satisfy that need, as well as create an environment where strong relationship bonds could be made that would help kids as they charter through the difficult years of Middle School and High School.

Because the classes build on the previous classes, attendance is absolutely critical.  For this reason a child may miss no more than 1 1/2 classes throughout the entire schedule.  In addition, 11/17, 12/8, and 1/5 are mandatory classes.  These topics of Sin, Salvation, and Baptism are the most critical components to our faith development.

Comments from previous classes:

A phenomenal program where play (fun and laughter), education, and Jesus go hand in hand.
It’s a great class to teach the kids the foundation of what it means to be a Christian.  They learn so much more than “Jesus loves you and died for our sins.”  The kids have a lot
of fun, build relationships, and grow spiritually.