ME I want to be

ME I want to be: Relationships

We were made for relationships.  Family, Siblings, Parenting, Groups, relationships are at the core of who we are.  In order for those relationships to thrive and flourish, we must be real with one another.  Jesus accepted us just as we are, we can accept others in the same manner.

ME I want to be: Flow

When it comes to becoming the ME I want to be, father, mother, child, worker, but especially someone who follows God; it’s important that we stay in the flow.  Staying in the flow is important to who God wants us to be.  Recognizing his call, making mid-course adjustments, monitoring our soul and core values.  These…

ME I want to be: Thoughts

It’s a sad reality.  Every single one of us, our families, our loved ones, our kids, faces situations where our thoughts lead us down a direction we wish we hadn’t gone.  In today’s message we explore a simple and challenging concept, that our thoughts determine the ME we will be.

ME I want to be: Spirit

We all struggle with the gap between who we are and who we want to be.  But in the midst of this gap God has given us something to guide and help us through each aspect of life.  In today’s message we’ll explore all that God has empowered us to become.

ME I want to be: Identity

There is a gap that exists in our lives.  The gap between who we are, and who we want to be.  In this message, Pastor Chip explores this gap, and helps us to examine our potential for greatness that God has created within each of us.