Sermons by Pastor Chip Garrison

Loading 2020

What’s in a name? Could be nothing, but it could also be something critical. We’ll talk about name changes, life changes, and how the past does not determine our future!

The Unsettling Answer

Why do we compare ourselves with one another? How do we look at someone else and judge when truly; we need just as much grace as the next person? In this message, Pastor examines something we all do, and the unsettling answer to it all.

Unleash: Focus

When we are trying to unleash our lives, live up to our full potential, it’s guaranteed, we will face opposition. This week we look at Nehemiah and how he dealt with the opposition in his life.

Unleash: Planning

What steps do you need to take to plan and execute something to make an impact? To unleash your life? In this message Pastor Chip explores what Nehemiah did to unleash his life, and we can do the same!

Unleash: Passion

How is our life unleashed? By responding when we find ourselves passionate about something. By allowing God to help us see things we hadn’t seen before. In today’s message Pastor Chip helps us have four responses when this happens that will help our lives to be ‘unleashed’.