Sermons by Pastor Chip Garrison

Imperfect Together: Character

Few things affect a relationship more than character. Low character will result in damaged relationships and friendships. High character will lead to lasting and honest relationships. In this message Pastor Chip explores three ways we can build character and have better relationships.

#NoFilter – Just the way I am

Every one of us has said, “That’s just the way I am”. And we say it in a way that means we cannot change. But what if we could. In this message the premise is that God can change anything in us that is not like Christ. Watch this message for a three part strategy…

#Nofilter: Good Enough

Everyone struggles from time to time with being good enough. It’s true. Every family, every child, every teenager, struggles with feelings of not being adequate or good enough. In today’s message we’ll dispel that lie and look at the truth of what God says about us!

#Nofilter: Weak

We all listen to lies, and because of those lies we feel like we have to live filtered lives. It’s time to live with #nofilter as #therealyou! In this message we’ll explore a lie that keeps us from living life to the fullest for our families.

Blank Slate: Love

We all have bias that affects our decisions, and our relationships. In this message we’ll look at the reality of the father of the prodigal son and the way he “Loved like he’d never been hurt.” It’s a reality that can give each of us a blank slate in our relationships as well.

Blank Slate: A new path

God is the only one who can create a new path for us from nothing. When we are in the desert, God can create a new pathway we didn’t know was possible. One way God uses to that, is our relationships. In this message Pastor Chip shares with us some of the critical ways that…

Blank Slate: Changing

Many times we want to start over, we want a blank slate, but we don’t change the things necessary to get a blank slate. In this message we’ll explore how we can do three things that will lead to a blank slate. This message is relevant to every single person, but especially to teens and…