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Welcome to Engage!

Engage Church in Mandan, North Dakota is a fun, engaging church where real life happens.  Kids will enjoy the activities and programs, adults will laugh and learn, and everyone will grow in their faith.  Engage is real, relevant, and contemporary. You’ll leave realizing church can be for your entire family. Join us at your local Bible church in Mandan, ND — Engage Church!


Engage Church

A contemporary, upbeat, family oriented church in Mandan, ND
Engage Church
Engage Church
World Kindness Day

Here are a few ideas of how you can be apart of this day.
1. Compliment the first three people you talk to.
2. Write a hand-written note to a teacher.
3. Say good morning to the person next to you on the elevator.
4. Pick up litter. Spend 10 minutes cleaning a park or your neighborhood.
5. Place uplifting notes in library books, on restroom mirrors, on someone's locker, or on their computer screen.
6. Dedicate 24 hours to spreading positivity on social media.
7. Leave a generous tip.
8. Send flowers to a friend.
9. Set an alarm to go off three times on World Kindness Day. When the alarm sounds, stop what you're doing a call/text/email someone simply to tell them how awesome they are.

Share below what you did today.
Engage Church
Engage Church
It's so great to be thankful for all that we have! God is helping us to do this every week!

For your family!

Engage Church is a place where families are welcome and everyone is important. At Engage you’re younger kids will love our clean and safe nursery.  Elementary Age kids will have fun and learn and grow in our new kids room. Youth and Students will enjoy our weekly youth gatherings and occasional fun events and activities.  We are a local church here in Mandan, ND, and care about our community. Our local Food Pantry serves many families weekly and is open on Wednesday evenings. We have small groups, bible studies, upbeat music, relevant worship and more to help each member of the family take steps as they draw closer to God and one another.  What makes Engage unique?  Most people say how friendly we are.  You won’t feel like a newcomer or outsider here at Engage, in a short amount of time, you’ll feel like you’re family!


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