What’s in a name? What does a name mean? Can we overcome the names we’ve been given, or the names we’ve earned? Today we look at one person who went from flawed to awesome, by meeting with God!

PARADOX: Faith vs Wisdom

Do we walk out in faith, blindly believing, or do we use wisdom to make decisions and approach changes in our lives. It would be easy to see the paradox and opposite views, but we’ll attempt to solve this paradox and get instruction for our lives!

PARADOX: Good to Go

At what point in our Christian life are we “Good to go?” Is there a time where it no longer matters what we do? How does God make our faith “done”…. We’ll look at this Paradox and find a resolution this week!

PARADOX: Figuring it out.

When we face Paradoxes, conundrums, misunderstandings in God’s word, what do we do? How do we get to the truth? In this message we’ll explore one paradox of scripture, but more importantly, we’ll look at tools and methods to get to the truth of what God’s word is teaching us.