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#Nofilter: Weak

We all listen to lies, and because of those lies we feel like we have to live filtered lives. It’s time to live with #nofilter as #therealyou! In this message we’ll explore a lie that keeps us from living life to the fullest for our families.

Blank Slate: Love

We all have bias that affects our decisions, and our relationships. In this message we’ll look at the reality of the father of the prodigal son and the way he “Loved like he’d never been hurt.” It’s a reality that can give each of us a blank slate in our relationships as well.

Blank Slate: A new path

God is the only one who can create a new path for us from nothing. When we are in the desert, God can create a new pathway we didn’t know was possible. One way God uses to that, is our relationships. In this message Pastor Chip shares with us some of the critical ways that…

Blank Slate: Changing

Many times we want to start over, we want a blank slate, but we don’t change the things necessary to get a blank slate. In this message we’ll explore how we can do three things that will lead to a blank slate. This message is relevant to every single person, but especially to teens and…

Blank Slate: Money

In the first week of this new series, we explore how each one of us can get a fresh start. It just takes decisions and “clap” change. Fresh start for our families, for our marriage, even for our church! The link will send you to our partner church Eaglebrook Church in Minnesota as we joined…

Greater Things: Writing the next Chapter

I’ve read many great series and books. And many times I wondered, what would the next chapter contain? When we read the book of Acts in the Bible, we get the same impression. This isn’t an end, it’s just waiting the next chapter. Join us this week as Pastor Chip talks about how each of…

Greater Things: Healing

What is the role of modern medicine when it comes to physical healing? What has God called the church to do when people are sick and hurting? In this message we’ll explore this touchy subject.