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Crazy Busy: Character

What are the underlying issues that make our lives Crazy Busy? Is it media, technology, character? There are so many beliefs that affect our decisions, as we begin this new series Pastor Chip examines our families, how we build character, and how these four beliefs affect our lives and our children.

Christmas at the Movies: Christmas Vacation

At times, we all lose perspective.  It’s very easy to  do with the pressures of family, children, and especially the holidays.  During this message we look at the first Christmas through a Lampoon’s lens and discover we all could use some perspective adjustment.

Christmas at the Movies: Elf

Many people struggle during the holidays. Families can be crazy. Kids can be out of control. Finances can quickly be overwhelming. So in the midst of these challenging times, how do we find joy? Pastor Chip talks about a Joy that will be for all the people, and it’s something that’s available for you!

Christmas at the Movies: Miracle on 34th St.

In this classic family Christmas movie, each person must decide if they believe. What are the criteria, how can they choose, and what do they use to base their decision on? We’ll do the same thing in this message as we determine what we can believe about Christmas! It’s something every family must look at…