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Greater Things: Acceptance

We all look at people around us and judge who they are and what they’ve been through. We do it with families, individuals, children, anyone we come into contact with. In today’s message we’ll look at Peter and what God taught him about this important issue.

Greater Things: Unstoppable

Where does the power come from? What makes us unstoppable? How can we achieve what others have achieved before us? In this message we’ll look at how to know if someone is operating on natural or supernatural powers, and what helps each of us to be unstoppable.

Greater Things: And Now I See

We have all been blindsided. Job loss, friendships, success, it can be both good and bad. In today’s message we’ll look at how God wants to lead us to Greater Things, and sometimes we are blindsided by the truth to the point where we say, “And Now I See!”

I Want to Believe in God, but…. Killjoy God

Every person has thought this: There are too many rules! Kids think it, adults think it, families think it. But do we feel the same way about faith and religion? In today’s message on Easter Sunday, Pastor Chip drills down on the difference between religion, rules, and Christianity. It’s a great message helping us see…