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Playlist: Fear is a Liar

We’ve all struggled with fear.  We’ve all struggled with not knowing how to move forward because of things that are happening or have happened.  But in today’s message we hear very clearly God’s message to us, “Do Not Fear” and how it can help us!

Playlist: Talk About It

There are so many things we don’t talk about it.  But not talking about it just makes things worse.  Things grow and fester.  In today’s message we look at Branan Murphy’s contemporary song “Let’s Talk About It” and explore some areas we can grow in!

Playlist: Demons

The truth is we all have things that fight us, situations or temptations we battle.  In today’s message we look at the problem as exemplified by Imagine Dragons “Demons”, and then we look at what we can do about it!

Playlist: Lead Me

There are so many songs about fathers and children.  In many of them, the message being presented may not encourage us in the best ways to be a dad.  Join us this week as we explore multiple songs, but a couple that really show us some great steps to being a great father to our…

Playlist: Word

We all have words in our vocabulary we wish we could delete.  In this message we explore a song that wishes the same thing for all of society.  If we’ll listen, and act, it’ll help us as we make the best of our relationships with our families, our spouses, and more!

Playlist: Scars

Every single person has feelings of inadequacy, not good enough, not pretty enough.  This week we explore a beautiful song by Alessia Cara, “Scars to your beautiful”, and look at God’s word and what He has to say about our worth and value.