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Messy: How He Loves

How do the people of God treat those who are down and out?  People who don’t follow God, people whose lives are messy?  In this message we look at real stories of real people and how Paul, Silas, and Jesus himself view people whose lives are Messy.  The answer may surprise you.

Messy: Stories can be changed!

Every single person has regrets.  Mistakes.  Messes.  But just because we have those regrets doesn’t mean we can’t change them or change our future.  Every Saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.  It doesn’t matter which one you are; God can help you to be something different as you move forward!

UnCommon: Destiny

We all live this life with a destination in mind. But is Christianity about End-of-Life issues, or Mid-Life issues? In this message Pastor Chip talks about the destiny we are called to and how we live day to day with an UnCommon one!

UnCommon: Marriage

We all know the difficulty of having a common marriage.  Relationships are filled with disappointment, struggles, and even heartache.  But what if those relationships could be better, UnCommon even?  In this message we’ll explore what it means to have an UnCommon Marriage and UnCommon relationships.

Start Here: Who defines wrong?

Who defines what is wrong and what is right?  Why do some people believe that certain things are wrong, and others believe they are right?  What is the difference between sets of laws, and which ones are relevant to us today?  As we continue to explore foundations for our faith, we’ll look at how families…