What to expect


Wherever you are, wherever you’ve been, you can ENGAGE here!” That’s our motto, and we believe it. To us, we’re just glad you’re interested in spiritual things, and we want to go on a journey with you as you explore and discover God in your life.

So what should you expect the first time you attend Engage?


Friendly People

We LOVE when people attend church with us, and you will find very friendly people. Make sure to say, “It’s my first time”, and someone will help you learn your way around or answer any questions you have.


We care about you, not what you wear! Come in jeans, shorts, sandals, suit, tie, dress. Grab a cup of coffee in our cafe or bring something with you. We will NOT ask you to say anything publicly or embarrass you. We also don’t expect our guests to contribute financially. We’re laid back, so enjoy your time exploring faith and the church.

Fun & Safe for Kids

We care about kids, so we have standards in place to ensure their safety while they are here. You’ll have to check your children in using our secure system (You can do that online now so it’s quicker when you arrive, click here). There’s a nursery area for younger kids not in school, clubhouse for kids age 4-k, and an elementary area for 1st – 6th Grade kids. In both areas there are fun activities when the kids arrive, and lessons that are engaging and appropriate for their age level.


You’ll find teaching that connects the Bible to everyday life, and music that’s engaging. We like to feel our music as we worship! Someone may raise a hand or clap, so feel free to do whatever is comfortable for you.


We’re excited to meet you here at Engage Church!
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