Jonathan and Suandra have been married for almost 10 years.

They have 3 year old twins, Elizabeth and Samuel, and a 1 year old son, Isaiah.

Jonathan loves spending time with people and making them laugh. He is also very much into computers which happens to be his main job as well. Over all he is a big kid at heart which helps him fit right in with the kids.

Suandra has a heart for children and out of that passion she got her elementary degree. She loves connecting with people, throwing parties and events, is always taking pictures, and enjoys baking cakes and cookies.

Jonathan and Suandra have been working with kids and youth together for over 18 years combined (so 9 years 😊)

They love Jesus and believe that a relationship with him is one of the most amazing and fun things that a person can ever know and they desire to share that with kids of all ages.